Actor Says He Tossed Wife's Birth Control to Start a FamilySeptember 23, 2017 12:46am

Cute story from a happily married couple or sign of potential abuse? You be the judge. BuzzFeed reports the internet has some thoughts on a story recently shared by actors Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed on a podcast called Dr.

Berlin's Informed Pregnancy. On the podcast, Somerhalder admits that "I kind of decided" it was time for the couple to start a family. That decision apparently took the form of throwing away all of Reed's birth-control pills during a vacation to Spain.

Reed, who recently gave birth to the couple's first child, says she wasn't sure at the time if she even wanted children. But Somerhalder says he was anxious to start a family because he was 35 years old.

"It was just time," Somerhalder says. "Unbeknownst to poor Nikki, she didn’t realize that I was going to go in her purse and take out her birth control." Somerhalder says there's a six-minute video showing Reed freaking out upon realizing her birth control is gone, Jezebel reports.

Reed describes Somerhalder tossing her pills as "presumptuous." Twitter used other words. "Ian Somerhalder is [expletive] disgusting," one user tweeted. "Ian Somerhalder is a real piece of [expletive]. I’ll never forgive compulsive heterosexuality for making me think I was ever attracted to him," tweets another.

And some critics say it sounds an awful lot like reproductive coercion, which involves "behavior intended to maintain power and control in a relationship related to reproductive health."

This article originally appeared on Newser: Actor Says He Tossed Wife's Birth Control to Start a Family

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