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James Campbell runs a charity marathon to raise funds for the NHS, in his garden, while the country is in lockdown to control the spread of coronavirus, in Cheltenham, England, Wednesday April 1, 2020. The former international athlete is spending his birthday running - in his seven-metre-long back garden - and will take over 7,000 shuttles back and forth to finish the 26.2-mile marathon. (Jacob King/PA via AP)
British man runs marathon in backyard during lockdownBeing stuck at home didn't stop a British man from running an outdoor marathon
The Associated Press2 hours ago
Boat does doughnuts after hitting wave, throws man overboardAuthorities say a boat that started doing doughnuts after hitting a wave in the Potomac River tossed the driver overboard
The Associated Press2 days ago
Deputies: Teen wrestling champ stops kidnapping of childrenAuthorities say a 16-year-old wrestling champion helped stop a kidnapping and assault near Las Cruces, New Mexico, by pinning a man to the ground until deputies arrived
The Associated Press4 days ago
Customers cheer after woman gives birth at Missouri WalmartCustomers cheered at a Walmart in Missouri after a woman gave birth to a baby girl in the store's toilet paper aisle
The Associated Press12 days ago
'Sea calf' born to cow that swam to shore after hurricaneA calf has been born to a pregnant cow who swam 4 miles to shore after being swept away by Hurricane Dorian in September
The Associated Press12 days ago
Public debut without public for polar bear cubs at Dutch zooA pair of twin polar bear cubs have made their public debut at a Dutch zoo -- without the public because of coronavirus restrictions
The Associated Press13 days ago
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