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Registration Now Open for CES Asia 2019
The Associated Press1 hour ago
Dog reunited with owner after 8 month, 175-mile journeyA dog that went missing in Massachusetts months ago has been reunited with its family after being found in Maine, 175 miles away
The Associated Press4 hours ago
Mitch Hungerpiller of Birmingham, Ala., who invented a computerized system to automate the processing of returned mail, visits the Supreme Court in Washington, on Feb. 14, 2019, where his decade-long fight with the post office over patent infringement will be heard. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
Return to sender: High court to hear undeliverable mail caseThe Supreme Court on Tuesday is taking up a case involving an Alabama man who developed a way to process undeliverable mail
The Associated Press5 hours ago
Officials: Centralia sinkhole unrelated to underground fireState environmental authorities say a 100-foot sinkhole found in a central Pennsylvania town almost completely emptied by a decades-long underground fire is unrelated to the blaze
The Associated Press5 hours ago
USS Tulsa commissioned as the US Navy's newest warshipA vessel that bears the name of Oklahoma's second-largest city has been commissioned as the newest warship in the U.S. Navy's fleet. The USS Tulsa was commissioned on Saturday at a pier in San Francisco.
The Associated Press8 hours ago
Insider Q&A: Grailed CEO talks about popular men's fashionIf you don't know fashion labels Supreme or Off-White, you've probably also never heard of Grailed, an eBay-like marketplace where those brands can be sold and bought
The Associated Press8 hours ago
Brazil mining company evacuates people due to dam riskBrazilian mining giant Vale say it has evacuated nearly 200 people after inspectors reported signs that a nearby dam holding mining waste could collapse
The Associated Press9 hours ago
Pass It On: Grailed CEO on hiring the right peoplePass It On: Grailed CEO Arun Gupta on the importance of hiring the right people
The Associated Press9 hours ago
Fire in slum kills 9 in southeastern BangladeshA fire official says a devastating blaze that raced through a crammed slum in southeastern Bangladesh has left at least nine people dead and several others injured
The Associated Press10 hours ago
The cooling tower of the former Knepper power station collapses during the blasting of the former coal-fired power station in Dortmund, Germany, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019. (Marcel Kusch/dpa via AP)
Former coal-fired power plant is demolished in GermanyA long-shut coal-fired power plant in western Germany has been demolished with the help of more than 200 kilos (440 pounds) of explosives
The Associated Press13 hours ago
Manhole fires force evacuation of NYC theater complexA series of manhole fires have forced the evacuation of several theaters
The Associated Press22 hours ago
FILE - This March 23, 2018, file photo shows an envelope containing a 2018 census letter mailed to a U.S. resident as part of the nation's only test run of the 2020 Census.  The Supreme Court will decide whether the 2020 census can include a question about citizenship that could affect the allocation of seats in the House of Representatives and the distribution of billions of dollars in federal money.(AP Photo/Michelle R. Smith, File)
Potential privacy lapse found in Americans' 2010 census dataA top Census Bureau official says an internal agency team found that basic personal information collected from more than 100 million Americans during the 2010 head count could be reconstructed from encrypted data _ but with lots of mistakes
The Associated Press1 day ago
Flight headed to Las Vegas diverted to nearby military baseAmerican Airlines says one of its jets inbound to Las Vegas' airport was diverted to a nearby military base to refuel after experiencing weather-related delays in the area
The Associated Press1 day ago
This Technology Is Too Good —and Scary—to Be ReleasedMakers of a new AI system say it's so good they're keeping it hidden away—for our own protection, the Guardian reports. Called GPT2, the text generator ably produces news articles and fiction stories when fed only a few words; it can also summarize long articles (uh-oh!), translate text...
Newser1 day ago
Bengals RB Mark Walton arrested on battery charge in MiamiCincinnati Bengals running back Mark Walton is facing a battery charge after police say he got into an argument with a couple in Miami
The Associated Press1 day ago
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