He Wore Gap Khakis On the Air. Now Everyone Wants ThemNovember 13, 2020 10:53pm

They call him the "Map Daddy," but Steve Kornacki may soon see his nickname change to the "Gap Daddy." The MSNBC political correspondent went viral in some circles during election week not only with his nerdy explainers on electoral math, but also with an outfit that Vox describes as "similar to that of a college professor who's just made tenure: white dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves, glasses, khakis, and striped tie." Louis Cheslaw wrote in New York Magazine that he asked Kornacki's producer where Kornacki's on-air attire came from, and was simply told "the Gap." After a little online sleuthing, Cheslaw was able to narrow the Gap's khaki offerings down to the pants he thinks might have been the exact pair Kornacki wore (though he isn't sure if Kornacki was sporting the straight fit or slim fit version).

Since Cheslaw published his findings on Nov. 4, the Gap now tells Business Insider that online sales of the $60 "palomino brown" khakis almost doubled; the day after Cheslaw's report, online sales shot up 90%.

The company also notes that visits to its website have seen a "dramatic increase." Kornacki notes he wore the exact same Gap pants during 2016's election week, though not the same pair.

"I've got a bunch of them," he said during Wednesday's broadcast. One last fashion tidbit regarding Kornacki's election apparel: He confessed one of his trademark striped ties was held together by staples, per Today.

"Against all odds, the staples held through the election, but now I think the time has come to finally retire my tie," he tweeted Wednesday.

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