Trump Tweets Sometimes Have Deliberate Grammar ErrorsMay 22, 2018 11:03am

This might help explain how President Trump misspelled the first lady's name in a welcome-home tweet after her hospital stay. The Boston Globe reports that White House staffers routinely write Trump's tweets for him, mimicking his style as best they can.

That the president doesn't write all of his own tweets isn't a huge revelation, but the Globe story has details on the process: Staffers will give the president a few sample tweets in a memo, and while they deliberately include syntax and grammatical errors, and probably an exclamation point or two, the faux-Trump tweets do not deliberately include typos.

The president then picks the tweet he likes best and sends it out himself, sometimes with modifications.

"Some staff members even relish the scoldings Trump gets from elites shocked by the Trumpian language they strive to imitate, believing that debates over presidential typos fortify the belief within his base that he has the common touch," writes Annie Linskey.

Some giveaways: Tweets with photos, videos, or hashtags are probably not from Trump. The Globe suggests it's getting harder to tell the difference between Trump and non-Trump tweets, and Andrew McGill of the Atlantic has created a TrumpOrNotBot to help judge.

For instance, on the Melania Trump tweet mentioned earlier, the bot thinks there's just a 25% chance Trump wrote it himself, notes Mashable.

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