Who Ate the Evidence? Cops Face Charges Over Edible PotMay 25, 2018 12:31am

Things have gone from bad to worse for two Toronto police officers accused of eating up evidence—marijuana edibles—while on duty in January. Officers Vittorio Dominelli, 36, and Jamie Young, 35, have been arrested for attempting to “obstruct, pervert or defeat the course of justice, by destroying or converting to their own use, evidence,” the Toronto police say in a news release.

The charges stem from the officers' participation in a raid on a local marijuana dispensary, a police spokesperson says. The day of the incident started routinely enough, with the officers conducting surveillance, per FOX News.

But while on duty, they allegedly ate marijuana edibles believed to have come from a dispensary police had raided in the preceding days, per CBC, and began hallucinating.

One reportedly exited the police vehicle and climbed a tree, CTV News reports. He was unable to extricate himself from the tree and called for assistance.

(You can hear their call for help, reported by Global News in January, here.) Making matters worse, a police officer who responded to their call for help slipped on the ice and suffered a serious head injury.

Dominelli, who has been on the force for 13 years, and Young, who has been on the force for more than two years, have also been charged with breach of trust.

They have been suspended with pay since the incident. (Read about another case of edible marijuana gone wrong here.)

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