Facebook Pushes Back on Biden's 'Killing People' ClaimJuly 18, 2021 10:00pm

Facebook hosts a lot of good information about the COVID vaccine on its platform, and doesn’t deserve to be blamed for deaths, its vice president of integrity said.

Guy Rosen pushed back on President Joe Biden’s claim that social media companies are “killing people,” CNBC reports. Rosen also testily pointed out that social media isn’t the reason the Biden administration fell just short of its 70% vaccination goal, either.

Facebook and other social media platforms host a lot of misinformation, to be sure.

But 85% of users are vaccinated—apparently not swayed by sketchy claims and conspiracy theories, Rosen said in a statement.

Facebook also pointed out that millions of Americans have used its vaccine finder tool, too. Biden’s assertion has made his relationship with the social media company testy, Politico reports, and Facebook is not pleased.

“We will not be distracted by accusation which aren’t supported by the facts,” a company statement said.

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