Introducing Nokia's 'Life-Proof,' 'Military Grade' SmartphoneJuly 27, 2021 7:29am

If you're hard on phones, you may want to check out Nokia's latest smartphone. The XR20 is "life-proof," the company claims, able to survive after being dropped six feet without a case; submerged in water as much as five feet deep for as long as an hour; or subjected to temperatures as high as 131 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as -4 degrees.

The company's publicity stunt had soccer stars kicking and punting it around to prove Nokia's claims, Gizmodo reports. Nokia says the phone is "military-grade," per CNBC.

The $550 phone, the most expensive one in Nokia's revamped portfolio, launches August 24. The company is aiming to remind users of the iconic levels of durability offered by Nokia's older phones—known for being basically "indestructible"—and says this one is the most durable yet.

(Speaking of legendary, Nokia is also revamping its iconic 6310 phone, Mashable reports.) While it's not "flashy," Gizmodo declares "it’s nice to see Nokia/HMD attempt to return to its roots with a simple, well-designed phone that’s made to last." Nokia says users will be able to get long-term use out of the XR20.

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